• Sarbjeet Kalia
    Sarbjeet Kalia, Director and founder of Indian Yoga & Meditation Centre Inc. is a certified & experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E.R.Y.T) at 200 hour level with many years of teaching experience in Eastern and Western countries. He has over 30 years of Hatha Yoga Teaching Experience and a B.E. Diploma in Hatha Yoga from India. Sarbjeet made his first step towards his Yogic journey in 1982 and since then is dedicated to encourage the yogic life styles and practices to as many people as he possibly can. After immigrating to Canada in 2001, he set aside a career in engineering to pursue his passion for creating an authentic Yoga practice to the public. Sarbjeet, a committed yoga practitioner has taught yoga classes/conducted teacher training programs in the past to the public through various institutions, including: M/s Holistic Bodyworx City of Brampton The Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Centre for Education & Training, Peel District School Board Kindred Spirit. St. Catherine He continues to plan, organize & successfully conduct yoga teachers training programs at the Indian Yoga Centre as per the Yoga Alliance – USA standards at 200 hr level. He has extensive training, knowledge and skills in Asanas, Pranayamha, Shatkarmas (six acts of yoga) and yoga philosophy. His attention to alignment, breathing principles and proper sequencing of postures brings depth and balance to his yoga classes. Students come to a deeper awareness of their body and themselves, while acquiring effective strategies for handling stress. His personal philosophy is to continually guide students towards a focus on the body, mind and spirit while maintaining an important level of safety within the class Come and enjoy yoga with us!
  • Sathya N Ram
    Hara HaraShankara, Jaya JayaShankara There are a number of simple rites, the performance of which will free us all from inner impurities. Passed from generation to generation, my forefathers have performed them, earned happiness and contentment form this pure rich cult of Yoga. This yoga abhyas as being imparted,taught to me by my most respected guru Shri. SarbjitKalia that has engulfed me in this path of teaching yoga which I would like to share with you, please join me as we follow in our guru’s footsteps. We do not have to go in search of any new way of life, any new doctrine or belief. We can learn from the great men and women of our past who have left us lessons not only in Aatmic matters but many more, come on lets explore together.
  • Sally DaRosa
    I discovered yoga in 2003. What began as an occasional practice became a passion that added another element to my overall fitness and a pursuit of relaxation. It has provided me with much-needed space to focus inwards and forget about the world outside. My intense love of challenging sequences and yoga flows give me a voracious appetite for physical exertion in general. Each day I strive for a balanced life with my family, friends, health, and personal growth. I have always been very active and passionate about fitness and overall wellness. I have over 20 years of fitness experience. I believe everything combined creates a great balance for mind, body and spirit. Apart from all, I'm a proud Mother, Wife and full time Banker. I completed my RYT 200-hour Teacher Training course in June 2014 with Holistic Bodyworx. I have been teaching at Indian Yoga & Meditation Centre Inc ever since. I focus on how the power of yoga can transform not just the body but also the mind and soul. I'm very excited to share my journey as a Yoga teacher and create beautiful movement in a place surrounded by wonderful students. I look forward to meeting you, and guiding you through your practice! Namaste Sally DaRosa "Count your blessings and live your adventure"
  • Panna Kapruwan

    Panna is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master and practioner . Pause the chatter in the mind. Balance mind, body, soul. Bringing harmony in life. "Love your body, take care of your body". Give this beautiful gift of YOGA to yourself. OM SHANTI. NAMASTE! See you @ the studio. Thanks Panna.

  • Deepa Shashikant
    Namaste I am passionate about fitness. I started practicing yoga six years back and obtained my Yoga Instructor certification at Indian Yoga Inc. Yoga helped me to focus. It rejuvenates, refreshes and gives peace by connecting body, mind and soul. I incorporate core strengthening poses along with basic aasanas in my routine. Looking forward to seeing you ! Deepa
  • Sachin Kankran

    I have always been very attracted to, and passionate about Yoga, Yogic philosophy and in turn maintaining a strong Yogic mindset. Last 5 years have been very transformational as I have had opportunity and time to dig deeper and have tried to understand the core of Yogic literature.Yoga is an integral part of life and should be seen the same way, it does not begin and end at Yoga mat.Yoga pulls me naturally and that successively led me to complete my formal education in Yoga.

    Let’s prepare and gather all the reverence and come to the mat. Namaste 

  • Vidhya Praveen
    Namaste!! I am Vidhya and I have been practicing yoga at the Indian yoga center for the last 5 years. My love and passion for yoga has driven me to take my practice to the next level and become a yoga teacher. Yoga has helped me with a deep sense of fulfillment and joy within. I love the challenge through yoga postures to work on various muscles, joints, tissues and ligaments at much deeper level. Yoga is all about doing the practice respecting the safe limits and maintaining body comfort and steadiness in all the postures as said by the great sage Patanjali "Sthiram Sukhum Asanam". Hope to see you soon and help you to walk through wonderful yoga journey!!
  • Gupteswari Vasupilli

    Namaste everyone! 

    I am Gupteswari Vasupilli shortly called Eswari. I am privileged to be your instructor at Indian Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga from the past 7 years. After those 7 years of Yoga practice as a housewife, I have seen major positive transformations in my personal and family life which enabled me to understand more about inner peace and strength. I found myself fortunate to be able to pursue my practice one level up by becoming a yoga instructor and become qualified as a certified yoga trainer. I was a  student of Indian Yoga since past 2 Yrs. Sarabjit’s exceptional and extensive training in the study of Yoga Training has led me to study a variety of healing techniques and asanas. I am good at alignment-based asanas to enhance the connection of the energetic and physical bodies, thereby enhancing the yoga poses' benefits and healing effects. I also combine my knowledge of human anatomy and experience in working with the physical limitations of the yoga student. 

    Namaste and humble pranams to the inner soul. 


  • Linda Walkey

    My name is Linda and I’m excited to be a new instructor at Indian Yoga.  After working in the corporate world for 30+ years, I found myself fortunate to be able to pursue my passions and become qualified in personal training with certification in Active Ageing and CPR.  My passion for wellness and fitness also led me to the discovery of Yoga which has helped me to find inner peace and balance in my life.  Afterpracticing Yoga occasionally for a number of years Idecided to further my Yoga journey by studying with Sarbjeet and obtained my RYT-200 hour training certification, a wonderful experience.   I enjoy high intensity flow and I look forward to sharing my journey and passion with you by delivering a yoga sequence that will make you feel invigorated as well as help to calm your mind and find your inner peace.  I am eager to share and grow with you, Namaste.  Linda

  • Pamela Davis
    I found yoga in 2000 and fell instantly in love. In 2013 I started my first 200 hr Hatha teaching training followed that up with a second 200 hr training under Brad Waites of Purna Yoga. I have studied adjustments with Power Yoga Canada as well as Meditation with Downward Dog Yoga in Toronto. It was there that I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga, my one and true love, my "moving meditation". I started studying with Dave Robson of Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Toronto and finally made my way to MySore, India to complete my 300 hr teacher training receiving my Ashtanga certificate.
    My passion is introducing this style of yoga to new students and watching them blossom as they gradually take on poses that they never imagined they'd ever be able to do. I also like to keep my classes focused but still have a light and fun feel to them so come prepared to play.